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  • The Witch Is Dead ()
    reviewed by Vince

    I ran it for the first time today and me and my horrible friends had a blast. So much room for all that chaotic potential. As GM, I had very minimal preparation but it was the most fun I had recently.

    I highly recommend it! The limited things woodland creatures can do give so much variety for executing the mission.

    Runtime: 90mins

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  • Spire: The City Must Fall RPG ($19.00$50.00)
    reviewed by Dylan Malenfant

    Spire is a beautifully designed game in that its mechanics feed back into the fiction seemlessly. The classes and their abilities have clear places in fiction, and every ability has a huge amount of flavour so no choice feels boring or wrong. The game does everything it set out to do in a fantastically evocative way.

    The game is not the best part.

    The world of the Spire is written so that any individual game lives in the gaps. A huge amount of world building is done so that everyone should have a clear image of the world upon reading the setting material, but enough is left to fill in that no two people will have an identical city. The details are perfect, and the missing pieces are exactly where they need to be so that plot hooks generate themselves as you read.

    Spire is a joy to play and amazing to write for.

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