DIE RPG: It’s practically perfect (now)

Posted on March 22, 2024 in Project Updates

Typos. Slippery little bastards. 

To cut a long story short, we found some in the DIE core book and we’ve fixed them. 

To make a short story slightly longer, Kieron, along with the players and GMs in the DIE Discord, found them and we fixed them. We’re pleased to say they’re minor – cleaning up text, fixing typos, clarifying wording and correcting an example or two – but they’re still worth knowing about. Thank you to everyone who spotted an error in the wild and reported it to us.

We’ve added a short PDF of errata everywhere you can buy or have bought a digital copy of the DIE core book. If you already own the PDF, you’ll be able to download the errata from: 

  • itch.io
  • DrivethruRPG
  • The Rowan, Rook and Decard website
  • Bits & Mortar

If you received a copy through Backerkit, your best bet is to download the errata right here

We’ve updated the text in the core book and after we do a bit of additional proofreading we’ll be uploading the revised PDF next month. Again, if you already own it, you’ll be able to download the updated version.

Fixing physical books is harder because apparently there are rules (laws?) about booksellers showing up in your home and annotating (defacing?) the books on your shelves. If you own a DIE hardback but for some reason not a PDF then 1) you should check that because you’re entitled to a PDF and 2) you have access to the errata on our website. 

In case you missed all the other DIE news in the last few weeks, the first two volumes of DIE Scenarios are available for pre-order on our website. Despite our very best efforts, they’ll probably have a couple of errors too – but they’ve also got three new DIE scenarios each that are hopefully exciting enough to stop you noticing any typos. 

– Chant (producer/book janitor)


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