Work with us

We post open staff roles on our social media channels, on our regular email, and below.

We are always looking for freelancers to work with us on a project basis. We intermittently hire artists, writers, game designers, editors, audio and video producers, GMs, convention booth staff, and a variety of other people. If you’d like to alert us to your presence and interest in working with us in a freelance capacity, please use this Google Form to tell us what you do and why you want to do it with us.

It is very rare that we accept unsolicited game pitches. We are not a traditional publisher and do not have a traditional pitching process, but we are interested in supporting games by under-represented designers and can sometimes offer advice, feedback and support. If you have a great idea you want to pitch us, please send the following information to

  • An elevator pitch (five sentences or fewer) explaining what your game is about, how it works and who it’s for.
  • A link to some examples of your previous work. This doesn’t have to be traditionally published or publicly available, but it should exist.
  • At least one reason why you think your game would fit as an RR&D product.
  • Some details about what stage of development your game is at. Please note that if it’s functionally finished, we aren’t the right publisher for it.
  • What you are looking for from a relationship with a publisher in general and with RR&D specifically.
  • The words: “I have read the grumpy guide to pitching RR&D.”