Heart: The City Beneath PDF is live!

Posted on April 1, 2020 in News, Project Updates

After over eighteen months of development, testing, rewrites, editing, illustration, layout and troubleshooting, we’re proud to announce that the digital edition of Heart is now live! You can buy a copy from our store here.

Heart: The City Beneath RPG - ANGEL

It’s been a tremendous journey for all of us at RRD and we’d like to thank Felix Miall for his excellent artwork, Jay Iles for her tireless efforts in layout, and Helen Gould for editing something legible out of Grant’s randomly-punctuated manuscript.

We’re still on track to deliver the supplements, and the physical copies, on time – but with the way the world is at the moment things can change from day to day, so we’ll keep you informed as best we can as to the status of the books.

For now, if you’ve got a copy, go read and enjoy it! (And if you don’t, we recommend you buy one.)


  • Grant, Chris and Mary


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