Hearty Dice Friends Episode 41 – Dice Shanties

On this week’s show:

– A surprisingly long chat about old crisps, right off the bat
– Dwarfsongs
– Dice training, and why it shouldn’t
– Chromatic goblins
– Teeth?
– Fun but problematic content in games vs People actually buying it
– And many more, including a special surprise guest!

Much love, as ever.

G & C

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Director at Rowan Rook Decard
After running his first tabletop game at the age of 9, Chris has developed an abiding love for roleplaying systems. He is at the creative heart of Rowan, Rook and Decard, designing beautiful rules that make stories happen. He also has an astonishing capacity to find the weak point in a game system, and then exploit it until the game explodes.

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