Hearty Dice Friends Episode 43 – 2017 Christravaganza Pt 1

Ho ho ho! It’s one half of our Christmas special, brought to you by this week’s sponsors: Turkey and Little Baby Jesus. In this week’s episode:

– How would you improve Christmas?
– Which of the 12 Days of Christmas makes the hardest encounter?
– How would you turn the Nativity into a horror adventure?
– Also some bollocks that isn’t Christmas-themed we guess

Much love. If you want to get us presents, the thing we always want is bourbon.

– Chris(tmas) and The Grinch

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Grant is the creative force behind such games as Goblin Quest, One Last Job, Unbound, Honey Heist and the latest edition of Paranoia. In a previous life, he was a video games journalist, and before that he was a chef for a while, but it didn't really work out. His work is famous for short-form, easy-to-learn rulesets with an emphasis on quick play and accessible humour.

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