Pick up the entire Spire line in The Bundle of Holding!

Posted on December 1, 2020 in News

We’re excited to announce that Spire, our flagship game, is up for sale on The Bundle of Holding until December 21st.

If you’ve ever wanted to delve headlong into the strange and dangerous world of Spire, there’s never been a better opportunity. You can pick up Spire, Strata and PDFs of all three of our campaign frames for only $12.95 – a saving of $32.

What’s more, if you donate over the threshold price – that’s the average donation, currently set at $19.95 but due to increase as the promotion continues – you’ll get everything we’ve ever done for Spire – $35 worth of material including Shadow Operations, Black Magic, Codex of the Deep Spire, Book of Masks, and Secrets Kept from the Sun, plus seven MP3 tracks of atmospheric ambient sounds from Tabletop Audio, previously available only as a Kickstarter backer reward and not sold anywhere else.

10% of all proceeds go to Direct Relief, a charity devoted to sending protective gear and critical care medications to doctors all over the world in order to support the struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

But wait – there’s more! One lucky participant chosen at random will win a physical copy of everything in the bundle, and additional bonus material not released on PDF (or even on general sale). In addition to hardcopies of all PDFs (apart from the audio tracks, Codex of the Deep Spire and Secrets Kept From The Sun, because we don’t print those), you’ll get a copy of The Spiral Muse, our in-character companion gazette to Strata, and a bundle of newspaper clippings from The Torch, Ambrosia, Liberate! and other vital publications from the world of Spire. Your hard-copy of Spire will also be upgraded to the Special Edition – out of print and no longer on sale – which comes with a slipcover and variant cover art along with a charming set of endpapers. It’s the most Spire you’re currently able to possess and could be YOURS.

Here’s what you stand a chance to win:

So why wait? (Well; maybe you already own all the books. In which case, thank you. Your work here is done.) Head over to BundleOfHolding.com now and pick up some excellent roleplaying games.


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