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  • Doctor Magnethands

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  • Adventure Dice

    Adventure Dice is a free build-your-own-dice storytelling game aimed at kids (but also for adults).

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  • Genius Loci

    You are a small god, a genius loci, in a quiet country town in 1960's south England.

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  • Goblin Punks

    Embark on a great adventure, and by "a great adventure" we mean "drinking cider round the back of a shop"

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  • Justified Anxiety

    A daring re-imagining of a sci-fi classic that skirts perilously close to copyright infringement.

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  • The Rapid and the Righteous

    You are a smooth operator - a special agent in a world of street-racing and criminal investigation.

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  • Both sides of the newly printed F.A.N.G coin

    F.A.N.G Challenge Coin

    Reserved for undead operatives that have survived at least one coffin-drop into enemy territory. Or you, if you buy one. We won't tell anyone you're not actually a vampire.

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    A mech fighting game that involves throwing dice and cards at pictures of enemy robots! PDF version.

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  • Drunken Bear Fighter

    Drunken Bear Fighter is a game in which you fight drunk Russian bears. Don't think too hard about it.

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  • Homecoming Collection 2014

    The Homecoming Collection features four strange tabletop roleplaying games, each designed to be played with an open mind and a willingness to have stupid fun with your friends.

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  • Legacy cover

    Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition

    The old world is gone. The new world is yours to rebuild. As factions clash and the ages turn, what stories will you tell?

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  • Legacy cover

    Worlds of Legacy Bundle

    Tell a world of stories with this post-apocalyptic bundle

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    A kitbashing miniatures wargame with a focus on making it up as you go along.

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  • Shattered City Resource Cards

    Each of these 48 poker cards has evocative art and provides a twist for factions in play that sparks new stories, throwing challenges and opportunities in the players’ path.

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  • Primal Pathways

    Primal Pathways is an alternate setting for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition where you guide your chosen species' evolution from primordial soup to the stars.

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  • The Dungeon of Numbered Days

    Don't throw away that old advent calendar! You could make a dungeon out of it, you know.

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