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  • Dungeonscrawl: The Palace of the Briar Prince

    Generate a random fey palace by scribbling on index cards, and then rescue your mum from it!

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  • Voidheart Symphony cover with smoke and purple lighting © SHAW STUDIO

    Voidheart Symphony

    Fight back the darkness in Voidheart Symphony, a tabletop roleplaying game about mundane people diving into a demon-filled labyrinth to save the ones they love.

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  • Arlecchino’s Eleven

    You're a washed-up two-bit crook with one advantage - you have a bag full of magical masks that let you break the rules of reality as long as you carry on performing improvised comedy.  Time for a heist.

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  • What I Did On My Summer Holidays

    Get up to low-stakes hijinx with this one-page roleplaying game.

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  • I’m A Lover, Not A Fighter

    Kiss and/or stab your way to fabulous victory!

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  • Stone The Crows

    An unofficial Guy Ritchie film starring several birds

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  • Sale!

    Everything Resistance PDF bundle

    Digital copies of everything we've made for Heart and Spire.

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  • Wreck the Halls

    An entirely satirical game about murdering the super-rich and taking their things

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  • Heartswood

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    Destroy a paperback book to let out the secrets within.

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    youre so fucked up, and nasty. everything, it sucks soooo bad.

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  • Heart map and sticker pack with smoke and red lighting © SHAW STUDIO

    Heart Map and Sticker set

    Fold-out maps and stickers to make your own City Beneath.

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  • Uncanny Rally

    It's simple enough: perform minimum-wage jobs to earn money to spend on gas. The only problem is that your arm keeps turning into a big gun

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  • The Streets of Karazun

    Embark on the greatest and deadliest adventure of your life upon the cut-throat Streets of Karazun!

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  • Kill or Cure: Voidheart Symphony Quickstart

    Investigate the darkness within the MacGregor Clinic and heal your city in Kill or Cure, the free Quickstart for Voidheart Symphony.

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