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Adventure Calendar Compilation

25 random tables that build together into an apocalyptic but still festive setting and scenario for any fantasy game.

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In ADVENTURE CALENDAR, we created 25 random tables that built a fantasy world and an apocalyptic campaign – and then we released one of them each day of December, just like an advent calendar.

Originally published as 25 separate illustrated entries on the Rowan, Rook and Decard blog, this publication collects all of them into one convenient pay-what-you want package.


What's in the book?

The book includes such tables as:

  • D10 Curiosities from Professor Flouro Wizbiz
  • D12 Things to Eat and Drink at the Winter Fair
  • D8 Creatures from Outlying Regions Who Are Encroaching Onto the Village
  • D6 Cults Worshiping the First And Final God of Winter
  • D8 Items That Could, Theoretically, Avert the End of the World

Contains art from Kanesha Bryant, Rowan McColl, Annabelle Lee, Rollin Kunz and Beck Michalak. Layout and design by Minerva McJanda.


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