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Burned and Broken: A Heart Sourcebook

The Ministry cast you out and turned against you. Can you survive in the City Beneath?

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Burned and Broken is a sourcebook for the Heart roleplaying game with details on how to bring characters from Spire into Heart and how to use the themes of the Ministry in regular campaigns.

What's in the book?

  • A new way of playing Heart: flee the Ministry after they’ve turned against you and make your way to the City Beneath
  • Origins for each Spire character class that allow them to function as characters in Heart
  • More information on Derelictus, the City Between, giving players the chance to explore it as though it were a series of landmarks and delves
  • The Minister calling, which allows players to quest for fragments of Our Hidden Mistress
  • Four new spells for those devoted to the dark goddess
  • Active Operations of the Ministry in the Heart, each a plot hook for a zealous character or crew

A copy of Heart: The City Beneath is required to use this book fully.

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