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Britain is in turmoil. You, a roguish mercenary, escort a dog the size of a caravan between jobs for glory and profit.


Suggested Price: $3.81


The year is 209X. Britain burns as city-states go to war in a desperate grab for territory. Mercenary bands rove the countryside and broken cities plying their trade. YOU are one such mercenary, a DOGMASTER: a custodian of a hound the size, shape and weight of a caravan. 

Ever since the creation of big rectangular cows in the mid-19th century, Britons have held impractically-sized and -shaped animals in the highest regard – and the instatement of “common sense” bioengineering laws in the late 2060’s meant that the UK would become the home of the largest and angriest dogs in the known world. 

You and your compatriots guide this improbably massive and absolutely fucking furious dog from town to town, all the while painfully aware that it is capable of biting your arm clean off whenever it wants to.


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