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Havoc Brigade

You’re the meanest, cunningest, most brutal orcs around, and you’ve been selected for a special mission.



You’re gonna infiltrate the human city of Freiberg and abduct Prince Theodore Holstein (boo!) so your superiors can interrogate him for information on the allied war plans.

Of course, no-one thought to specify who’s in charge of the group, and you’ve all got your own aims in mind for your time in the city… but you’ll be fine, right? Holstein is going DOWN.

What's in the book?

A one-shot tabletop RPG for up to six players (and one GM); this 25 page PDF contains a system, illustrated characters, city map, antagonists and scenario details.

The rules are written with an eye to make them easy to pick up and learn, and encourage stupid plans and wild distractions, so it’s a great game for cons – or just to keep around if your regular game is called off on short notice.

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