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Heart: the City Beneath digital map pack

High-res images and a themed hex map to build your own City Beneath.


Suggested Price: $2.48


This pay-what-you-want download contains a Heart-themed hex map and several tile types that represent connections and landmarks – feel free to download them, print them out (or edit them on a computer) and stick them together to make your own version of the Heart.

Also included is a pack of map images optimised for use on the Roll20 online platform.

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  1. spinyboots (verified owner)

    Lovely vibe-y hexes! So many pixels! Such a reasonable price! Contains 7 delve variations, and all 8 landmark domains with blank banners for names. The map is wider than the one in the back of the book, really opening up opportunities for exploration. Gonna try making a clunky, satisfying set of tiles for at-the-table play.

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