Honey Heist enamel pin


An enamel pin badge depicting a goddamn bear.

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It’s Honeycon 2017. You are going to undertake the greatest heist the world has ever seen. Two Things –

One: You have a complex plan that requires precise timing.
Two: You are a GODDAMN BEAR.

Springing to action a scant five years after the initial release of the game, Rowan, Rook & Decard are proud to finally cash in on Honey Heist with this charming enamel pin depicting the classic Bear Wearing A Little Hat Whilst Hiding In Grass that has long lurked around the popular physical games page of Itch.io, forever daring newcomers on the scene to overtake it. Now you can adorn your backpack, lapel, pocket or (if you’re brave) arm with this self-same goddamn bear.



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