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Kill or Cure: Voidheart Symphony Quickstart

Investigate the darkness within the MacGregor Clinic and heal your city in Kill or Cure, the free Quickstart for Voidheart Symphony.

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The MacGregor Clinic is deeply sick.

Patients vanish into shady drug trials.

Scalpel-fingered monsters haunt nurses’ dreams.

A nightmare realm hides behind the clinic’s mirrors.

Diagnose the clinic and purge its sickness in Kill or Cure.

PLEASE NOTE: Kill or Cure is a scenario about the ways the medical establishment punishes, marginalises and ignores those on the fringes of society. To that end, it carries a content warning for: medical procedures (injections, surgery, IV drips, etc), medical malpractice, ableism, violation of bodily autonomy, gatekeeping, abuse of power, institutional bigotry and invasion of privacy. ​

Kill or Cure is about the ways the healthcare system fails those who most need it – and the importance of fighting back. Expose the clinic’s crimes, bring down the doctors profiting off of other’s misery, and delve into the clinic’s shadow to purge the evil lurking there.

In Kill or Cure, you can...

  • Play one of five pre-generated characters: a patient, an occultist, an athlete and more.
  • Lay a ghost to rest, reaffirm your love for your spouse, make friends with a barista.
  • Channel the Void’s power in the real world, and gain supernatural powers in the otherworldly clinic feeding off this place’s misery.
  • Fight the avatar of Gatekeeping and strange it with its own chain.

All with the dynamic rules of Voidheart Symphony, custom-tuned for one-shot games; three options for dark mysteries lurking in the heart of the clinic; and full details on the Perfected Clinic, the shadow realm that feeds on the clinic’s sickness.

Get this book, get some friends, and get ready to cure your city!

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