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Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition
UFO Press

The old world is gone. The new world is yours to rebuild. As factions clash and the ages turn, what stories will you tell?

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Your ancestors survived thanks to luck, preparation or pure grit. Now it’s time to leave their shelters and start rebuilding the world. But the wasteland has other inhabitants: families with different philosophies and abilities, secretive factions with their own agendas, and bizarre monsters stalking the ruins. As generations pass and your family evolves to suit this new world, what stories will you tell?

In this roleplaying game, you’ll build your own unique post-apocalyptic landscape, home to scattered families of survivors. Take control of a family, play the brave heroes that define them, and guide them through the grand sweep of history.


  • From grand strategy to desperate struggle. Shift freely between commanding the movements of spies and armies and fighting monsters in a ruined wasteland, using the fast and dramatic rules of the Powered by the Apocalypse engine.
  • A game of histories. Write the saga of your family over generations and draw on your ancestor’s powers, even as you face the unexpected consequences of their actions.
  • Endless variety. 11 family types and 13 character types create hundreds of possibilities, each with its own meaning for the story you’re telling.
  • Hit the ground running. Start playing today with the included quickstart, complete with five pairs of families and characters, story prompts and a sunless world filled with hungry spectres.


  • Putting the map centre stage. Your choices in making your family say a lot about the sort of world you live in, and you can use the data your family gains to add new resources and features to the map.
  • Character roles. Each character will fit somewhere in the family’s hierarchy – as a Leader, an Agent, a Rebel or an Outsider. Your choice of role affects your relationship with your family and lets you declare facts about your current mission, the state of your family, or the wider world. By changing roles you learn more, unlocking new moves or advancing your stats.
  • Updated Basic Moves. The core rules of Legacy have been tightened up to be clearer and better drive play. Where it makes sense they’ve been merged or rewritten, to cut down the amount players have to remember during play. Gear has been made more dependent on the family’s resources: as the family grows richer, you’ll have more tools to use.
  • Quick Characters. These simpler playbooks let you build a character for a scene or to round out an expedition so that you’re never left out of the story. Each family has their own Quick Character playbook, letting other players jump in to show a new side of your family.
  • Every Playbook updated. Each playbook published over the first edition of Legacy is in here, all rewritten and updated to fit the new system.


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