Explore the world of Sunless Skies and make your living as a Skyfarer, journeying to the edge of civilization in a flying locomotive.


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The High Wilderness stretches out ahead of you; cruel, unwelcoming, and filled with opportunity.

London fell beneath the earth, but Queen Victoria brought it up, up into the heavens. Here you make your living as a Skyfarer, working on board a locomotive jury-rigged to fly through these cold skies and raging winds. Your captain has taken you to the Reach, a frontier on the edge of civilisation, in search of fame, fortune and adventure.

Listen! You will change out here, where the Empire’s light falters and casts deep shadows, where rebels stake their claim on fragments of sky-rock riddled with fungus, where pillagers dig into ruins built by the now-dead sun. Who are you in the dark?

What's in the book?

Skyfarer is an officially licensed roleplaying game designed to let you and your friends tell stories of adventure, dark humour, and celestial horror in the world of the videogame Sunless Skies. To play, all you’ll need is a handful of dice, some pens and paper, a few tokens and your own limitless imagination.

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