The Witch Is Dead

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You are a magical woodland creature, and your beautiful witch mistress has been killed, and you are about to set out on a murder-revenge adventure in the human lands. Download The Witch Is Dead PDF here.


You are a magical woodland creature, and your beautiful witch mistress has been killed, and you are about to set out on a murder-revenge adventure in the human lands. The Witch Is Dead contains very strong language, but also a murder-revenge adventure and some eye-ripping, so maybe think about that before showing it to your kids.

6 reviews for The Witch Is Dead

  1. jacob Gamm

    An easy to follow set of rules that you can hand to players and start a game going in a very short space of time.

    Plenty of room for creativity as this is a rules light scenario which leads to a lot of hilarity. We had one of the funniest games ever with my group playing this.

    Being not at all powerful makes for a nice change to many RPG’s that people are used to and it creates some interesting creativity.

    My spider burst into flames while trying to set with witch hunters nose hairs on fire while we played “Arthur Brown – Fire” in the background. It was the best RPG death I have ever had.

    I very much intend to make use of this in the future and introduce it to whoever I can.

  2. Vince

    I ran it for the first time today and me and my horrible friends had a blast. So much room for all that chaotic potential. As GM, I had very minimal preparation but it was the most fun I had recently.

    I highly recommend it! The limited things woodland creatures can do give so much variety for executing the mission.

    Runtime: 90mins

  3. Kayla Garza

    Heard about this from Dungeons and Daddies and decided to give it a try. I’ve ran about four or five games of this and it’s been a hit every single time. It’s a great way to spend time with your friends.

  4. Ulfdis

    I’ve only been playing RPGs for a year – D&D with a group of friends, and I’ve wanted to run a game for a while, but D&D is a bit intimidating since its SO much, and the mechanics are still a bit beyond me. I’d heard this game played on Dungeons and Daddies and thought it was great, downloaded it, and finally ran my first game ever as GM for a couple of folks. We’re about an hour and a half into the game now and its already gotten weird – one person rolled up a Hare with create flame who’s been just, fucking everything up with fire to a delightful degree (I wish I had the ability to share their character portrait) and the other is a Crow that can speak to humans so she’s been sowing discord.

    Along with being flexible enough to get really weird with it, I am enjoying the mechanics and how easy it is to manage while playing. The GM sets a difficulty number for a task and a skill of the familiar, and they roll against it, and we had a good time discussing collectively what made sense together so everyone was pleased, and when it came to needing to randomize a couple of other factors in game that hadn’t been included in the rules, I felt confident making up a mechanic/improvising as well. I can’t wait for out next session to finish the game and see where this goes.

  5. Paul

    Same as ULM, I’m actually listening to that very podcast episode right now. I love D&D, but never had the brain cells to actually do it, this kind of thing works wonders at being a quick and easy thing for anyone who appreciates the genre.

  6. Cassie (verified owner)

    An absolute blast of a game. I played with a bunch of people and it was a mild disaster but we all still loved it. Easy to teach and set up, all you need to run it is a little creativity and an open mind.

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