The Sins of Grisham Priory

Posted on January 15, 2024 in News, Project Updates


Can you feel it?

A wretched knot of rust and ruin. A creeping cancer beneath the skin of the real. A wound in the world.


The Isles – your home, the haggard heart of a lost empire – is beset by them. Sickness, murder, madness and poverty wash across the land in their wake. The populace are powerless and those in charge are too cosseted to care.


With your grim tools in hand, you can kill things ten times your size. You can sleep off death and wake up with nothing more than a headache. You are a conduit for something great and terrible. 


Your Hunt begins in Grisham Priory.

Art by Sam Lamont / Moonskinned

Follow Hollows for the quickstart now

The crowdfunding project for Hollows will be launching later this year. If you follow the project now, you can get access to a PDF version of the full Quickstart, featuring:

  • 5 pregenerated characters
  • Updated rules and weapons
  • A full introductory Hollow – Grisham Priory
  • Beautiful art from Sam Lamont and Daniel Vega

Get the Quickstart Here

Since the playtest, we’ve been refining HOLLOWS, including rewriting the Weapon abilities from the ground up, incorporating your feedback and thoughts into what we believe is a fast-paced, exciting, gruesome and uncompromising combat system. We’re really excited to see what it can do.

In addition to overhauling and clarifying the general rules text, we’ve also included in this Quickstart a short new adventure designed to showcase all the best bits of the game. In Grisham Priory, the Hunters are summoned into a twisted garden church and must defeat the monstrous inhabitants within – an enormous guardian hound, a cruel arachnid tailor, a bestial vicar crouched in the sepulchre and Bishop Loxley, the lord of the Hollow, in his hideous serpentine form.

The book is loaded with all-new illustrations from Sam Lamont, who’s helped us define a unique look and feel for the Isles with his beautiful art. The hollow itself and the Entities within are illustrated by Daniel Vega with background by Arby McJanda. Our goal is to have each and every hollow depicted by a different artist to underline the unique natures of these personal hells.

Each pregenerated character (there are five) has room to develop with full access to all of their tier 1 Weapon abilities – after each successful Hunt, players can choose an additional ability to add to their character. (They’ll need it.)

We’re hugely excited to share this with you. As RRD expands, we’re dedicating ourselves to making bigger, better, more evocative and more exciting games for you to play. Hollows is an obsession for us – we’ve been tilting towards it for around a decade now in various shapes and forms – and to finally be able to get this idea out of our heads, and into yours, is a wonderful feeling. Work continues on the core book, and you’ll be the first to hear about it when we launch our crowdfunding campaign later this year. 

Thank you for your support of Hollows. We hope you have as much fun playing it as we have.

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  1. Following the link to the quickstarter and continually getting the “Failed captcha response. Please make sure JavaScript is enabled and resubmit.” message everything is up to date and enabled not sure if its a problem on Backerit or me but thought i’d let you know in case its not me and others are having the same problem

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