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Voidheart Symphony and Shattered City are now available!

Posted on January 25, 2022 in News, Project Updates
Voidheart Symphony cover showing a man wreathed in electricity

This city is sick. The CASTLE dwells beneath the surface of reality, corrupting and twisting those who unknowingly siphon its energy into power. It is hungry for dominion, and it is winning; you can see it in the reflection of office block windows, the glint of expensive watches, and the tears of the oppressed. 

But YOU know a secret. You know how to break into the Castle. You know how to hijack the allegorical space for your own benefits. You are packing weapons made of dreamstuff but real enough to blow the brains out of any dead-eyed servitor demon that stands in your way. You’re going to fight the Patriarchy, one Patriarch at a time. And you’re going to look good doing it.

VOIDHEART SYMPHONY is Mina McJanda’s latest Powered by the Apocalypse game, drawing on her previous work with Rhapsody of Blood and using a modified version of Spire’s Resistance system to manage your real-world worries. Sure, you can fly on neon angel wings and carry a revolver that roars louder than thunder when you’re in the Castle, but in the real world, can you afford proper dental care? Time to find out. 

Pick up a physical or digital edition (or both!) of Voidheart Symphony here.

SHATTERED CITY, based on the popular board game Mysthea, is our game of post-colonial struggles and finding meaning amongst the fractured remnants of your culture. 

Mina McJanda channels Legacy: Life Among the Ruins into a grand narrative of warring power factions, century-long political machinations and a strange world of crystalline magic. Take on the role of not only a hero at the forefront of change but the house that gives them power, and watch the shape of the continent grow and shift over generations. A wide array of house and hero abilities allow for fascinating combinations of powers, and we’ve jam-packed the book with beautiful artwork from a wide variety of illustrators to really evoke the possibilities open to you with your game.

You can pick up a copy of Shattered City here and, if that’s not enough to get you playing, you can grab specially-made character sheets, factor cards and resource handouts as well to open up some more opportunities for you.


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