What are those orcs doing?

Posted on December 1, 2017 in Play Resources

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Arguing about….

  1. The best way to cook adventurers that you’ve caught, as a lone halfling sits marinating in olive oil and herbs
  2. Which orc god is more brutally handsome – the gruff and unshaven Gruhg or the lithe and muscular Osso
  3. Who’s on their side and who’s a plant from the Order of the Baleful Eye, orc police force, after the coach robbery went wrong
  4. Whether horses can talk or not
  5. The best way back to their encampment before it gets dark, because these hills are crawling with armed lunatics
  6. Whose fault it was that Krug died in the last fight against those wolves

2  Dividing up their stash of stolen…

  1. Statues, lifted from the mansion of a mad Baroness
  2. Hams, taken from a now-vengeful travelling ham merchant
  3. Dogs, from an illegal puppy farm, and boy are they cute
  4. Copper pieces in huge sacks, so big they can barely carry them
  5. Gnomish-made trinkets that swap places whenever they take their eyes off them
  6. Paint, from a wilderness artists’ commune they just sacked

Tucking into a meal of…

  1. A sort of horrible fungus cake
  2. Slug stew, an orcish delicacy none of them are going to admit they don’t enjoy
  3. Beef and root vegetable hotpot, made outrageously spicy, as is the orcish way
  4. The end of a packet of biscuits and half a cigarette each
  5. Orc feet, prepared in the traditional manner (toes on)
  6. A whole witch, who’s not quite dead yet

Attempting to…

  1. Climb a tree so they can escape the bear, but it is not a big tree and they are very big orcs
  2. Build a trap for those “stupid adventurers”
  3. Repair their wagon, damaged in the storm after a tree fell on it
  4. Identify a dangerous magic item they stole – one of them is just a pair of smoking boots
  5. Pick out an outfit for Groblar’s wedding, also determine which of them he is going to marry and make his Queen
  6. Divide up the room fairly after a proper row

5  Singing about…

  1. Punching, and the best way to do it
  2. Shouting, and how it’s the best
  3. The beautiful orc boys and/or girls back home
  4. Heartbreak and loss, in a high-pitched and mournful aria
  5. Strangling dogs
  6. Chops

6  Fighting…

  1. A wounded but still fierce boar
  2. A young owlbear, for practice, and it’s not going super-well
  3. A crafty witch and her sprite familiars
  4. A picture of a dragon to get them fired up
  5. Their own raging carnal urges, after the boss told them not to kiss each other when he was away
  6. The villain, after an unusual crisis of conscience

Remnants is a series where Chris and Grant, the creative leads behind Rowan, Rook & Decard, create a fantasy world through the use of Dx tables. Because who has time to read a full setting book?

[REMNANTS] Once upon a time, when the dragon-kings ruled the aetherealms and the Witch-Queens fought grand duels over generations with arcana of unimaginable power, the worlds split apart. There was too much magic, and reality couldn’t bear the weight any longer. The otherworlds splintered apart like ships crashing against a shoreline; but the pieces remained, shards of reality, and they pierced the material realm. A thousand dimensions, all attached to various degrees, to the prime material: some forgotten, some overrun with new inhabitants, some spawning monstrous creatures into the world, and some ripe for plundering.


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