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On Pride

DIE Emotion Knight with rainbow

Pride month is complicated. If you’ve been following what we do for any length of time, you probably know that Rowan, Rook and Decard likes to make games that are about something. These games make a statement about the world, and invite you to play with themes and systems that reflect something important: resistance against […]

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Hollows is live on Backerkit now!

This world is sour. And here, sourer still – a rotten knot of rust and ruin, boiling beneath the real. A Hollow. Hollows is our upcoming full-length all-singing-all-dancing game which features: If you’ve enjoyed Chris and Grant’s work on Spire and Heart (or indeed one of the dozens of other titles to their names) then […]

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Guest Post: Plastic Bastards Saved My Life

Full disclosure: the headline is an exaggeration. The author’s life wasn’t in danger at any point. But it’s more exciting than “area man gets incredibly invested in free miniatures wargame,” isn’t it? Findlay got in touch with me over Instagram and said that he’d gone all out on playing Plastic Bastards, my well-intentioned stab at […]

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Illustrating Dagger In The Heart

Sar Cousins illustration

The Dagger In The Heart crowdfunding campaign is pulling into the station, with less than a week remaining, so we thought we’d take some time to sit down with Sar Cousins, the illustrator for this stunning new adventure for Heart: The City Beneath, to catch a glimpse into how they crafted their version of the […]

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DIE RPG: It’s practically perfect (now)

Typos. Slippery little bastards.  To cut a long story short, we found some in the DIE core book and we’ve fixed them.  To make a short story slightly longer, Kieron, along with the players and GMs in the DIE Discord, found them and we fixed them. We’re pleased to say they’re minor – cleaning up […]

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Gareth RYDER-HANRAHAN Talks meat hell

The Dagger In The Heart crowdfunding campaign is thundering along like a runaway train, so we thought we’d take some time to sit down with Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, the writer of this stunning new adventure for Heart: The City Beneath, to peel back the curtain on his process.  I think most players would agree that Heart […]

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Maz said: “Grant, you should write more dev blogs. And not one every seven weeks when you remember; regular ones.” Well – seven weeks on, here’s a dev blog, because I remembered.  CORRUPTION I finished Corruption last week. We aren’t doing XP in a normal fashion, because that would be too straightforward, and instead we […]

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DIE RPG: Scenarios Volume 1 pre-order cover

The DIE RPG is, obviously, great. It’s a heartbreaking journey into guilt, trauma and pride. It’s a therapy session disguised as a fun activity to do with your friends. It’s a roleplaying game about a comic about roleplaying games about love and the nature of being. Obviously. But what if it was really weird as […]

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The Sins of Grisham Priory

PAY ATTENTION. Can you feel it? A wretched knot of rust and ruin. A creeping cancer beneath the skin of the real. A wound in the world. A HOLLOW. The Isles – your home, the haggard heart of a lost empire – is beset by them. Sickness, murder, madness and poverty wash across the land in […]

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New year, new us

Welcome to 2024, and to the new-look RR&D website, and to three new members of the team! Let’s start with that team, then We’re incredibly excited to be welcoming three people to our growing team. Coming on board early this month, we have… … producer Elaine Lithgow Elaine Lithgow is a Scottish games designer. She […]