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Conventions and Events

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GenCon 2022 recruitment

Rowan, Rook and Decard are doing GenCon this year, but there just aren’t enough of us to do all the jobs we need to do. So: if you’re interested in helping us out AND getting paid in the process, take a look at the two opportunities below. Both roles pay $15 per hour. GAMESMASTER. You’ll […]

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GenCon 2021 – We’re Not Going To Be There

Gosh, we’d love to be at GenCon, breathing in and out and all over everyone, shaking hands, sharing swigs from bottles and generally engaging in the sort of behaviour that was perfectly fine before this wretched Coronavirus swept across the world and pinned us indoors for a good year and a half now – but […]

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UK Games Expo 2020 – Online

After the dust from GenCon has settled, we’re back at it again with another online convention – this time, our own home-grown UK Games Expo, which back in the day used to run at the NEC but now, on account of the wretched pandemic in which we continue to find ourselves gripped, is instead happening […]

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Gen Con Online with RR&D

Hey, it’s GenCon 2020! On account of the blasted pox, the entire thing is taking place online, which means slightly fewer opportunities for impromptu hangout sessions but significantly less travel time, given that we live on the other side of a massive ocean from Indianapolis. We’re running games of Royal Blood, Heart, and Spire – […]