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Posted on July 29, 2020 in Conventions and Events, News

Hey, it’s GenCon 2020! On account of the blasted pox, the entire thing is taking place online, which means slightly fewer opportunities for impromptu hangout sessions but significantly less travel time, given that we live on the other side of a massive ocean from Indianapolis.

We’re running games of Royal Blood, Heart, and Spire – and there are games of Honey Heist and Beautiful Space Pirates too, which we didn’t set up but we did write the systems so well done there.


We can’t replicate the sensation of being in Indianapolis in early August – it’s not nearly warm enough here, nor is there a sort of fierce biomass of geek present ready to swarm into any available space in case there are dice for sale there – but we’ll do the next best thing. If you use the code GENCON20 on this site during GenCon, we’ll deliver your items FREE OF CHARGE no matter where you live.

Several thousand copies of Heart (and all associated supplements) are currently on board a big boat somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic on account of the US government deciding that it should cost Too Much Money to send individual parcels to it in an attempt to put people off buying from small overseas creators, because that’s a cool thing to do. TO THAT END if you order Heart or one of the shiny new sourcebooks and you’re in the US or Canada then the books will ship to you in about three weeks once they’re on dry and land and have cleared customs.


We’re in them! Or rather: we’ve been nominated for some awards, which is nice. Royal Blood is up for best product and best game, Strata is up for best internal art, and Sexy Battle Wizards is up for best free product. (Heart came out just too late, which is a shame, but you can expect us to ride it into battle in 2021 like a massive warhorse and carry away all the awards we can steal.)


We’ve got enamel pins made special for GenCon! We were going to hand them out with purchases but, well, pandemic. So instead we’re selling them through the store here and if you order more than $9 worth of stuff and you have a physical item in your order, we’ll throw one in for free.

The pins are lovely occult bees from Heart, as you can see here:

They were designed by Hari Conner and they’re great.

That’s everything! We hope you have a good GenCon 2020, despite… everything, and look forward to seeing some of you in Indianapolis for GenCon 2021.

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