UK Games Expo 2020 – Online

Posted on August 19, 2020 in Conventions and Events, News

After the dust from GenCon has settled, we’re back at it again with another online convention – this time, our own home-grown UK Games Expo, which back in the day used to run at the NEC but now, on account of the wretched pandemic in which we continue to find ourselves gripped, is instead happening on the INTERNET.

Where once we would sit out front of the Hilton Metropole eating an overpriced burrito, now we’ll crouch in a MODEM and eat DATA. Cosplay pictures in that copse of trees that smells a bit funny? Now it’s cosplay pictures in your BATHROOM that smells a bit funny. Touting our niche roleplaying games in a massive hall full of people who are mostly there to buy boardgames and do something with their kids for the weekend? NO WAY – we’re YELLING MUTELY into the DIGITAL VOID because no-one’s really worked out how to do VIRTUAL TRADE HALLS YET.

In other news, we quite miss conventions. This was supposed to be our big year with the release of Heart – we had our own stall lined up, with staff and everything, after two years of exhibiting with the UK Indie RPG League. But the bastard pox had to take its toll, didn’t it? We’re looking forward to a world where we can go hang out safely and drink beer and talk shop with everyone. Plus no-one’s recognised Grant as That Guy Who Writes One Page RPGs for at least a year and he’s starting to get antsy.

As we did with GenCon, we’ll be offering free shipping for the duration of the convention with the code RRDUKGE – if you input that at checkout, we’ll take care of the cost of delivery.

That’s all for now. 2020 continues to be unpleasant and strange. Stick with it, eh?

  • Grant, Chris and Mary


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