The DIE RPG Kickstarter launches in November – and we’re making it

Posted on September 29, 2021 in News, Project Updates

We’ve teamed up with Kieron Gillen, comics author extraordinaire, to publish DIE RPG – the roleplaying game based on the acclaimed indie comic, DIE, in which a group of broken, desperate people are sucked into a magical fantasy kingdom after playing a roleplaying game and we get to watch them work through their emotional and physical trauma – and have a bunch of beautifully-illustrated fights, as well.

We’re really excited to work with Kieron (and Stephanie Hans, too, who’ll be making new illustrations for the project) on this – we’ve been huge fans of his work for years and we couldn’t miss out on the chance to make something incredible together.

We’re still firming up all the details behind the scenes as to what the books will look like and how special the special editions will be (here’s a clue: very), so until we launch in November, you can follow the Kickstarter here to make sure you’re informed as soon as we go live.

2 thoughts on “The DIE RPG Kickstarter launches in November – and we’re making it

  1. I have played this several times at Big Bad Con in the Bay Area. There is a local GM, Carl Rigney, that is absolutely amazing. He runs DIE so well! Can’t wait to buy this all official like…
    John Taber

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