GenCon 2022 recruitment

Posted on February 7, 2022 in Conventions and Events, News, Work with us

Rowan, Rook and Decard are doing GenCon this year, but there just aren’t enough of us to do all the jobs we need to do. So: if you’re interested in helping us out AND getting paid in the process, take a look at the two opportunities below.

Both roles pay $15 per hour.

GAMESMASTER. You’ll be running two (or more) games of Heart using a one-shot scenario that we’ve specially written for conventions (along with pregenerated characters). You’ll be responsible for promoting the game, making sure players have a great time, and learning and demonstrating the rules. Apply here.

STALL CREW. You’ll be assisting us on our exhibition show floor stall by selling our games, answering customer queries, carrying boxes of books to and from places, and so on – general con stall stuff. This role includes accommodation for the duration of the convention as well as other benefits – please look at the application form for full details. Apply here.

Deadline for applications is February 21st 2022.


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