Class Breakdown: The Heretic

This is the first of several class breakdowns where we’ll take a look at each class in detail throughout our Kickstarter campaign. Up first: the Heretic.

We asked Felix to go overboard with the ceremonial jewelry and tattoos – we wanted to give the impression of someone who’s finally allowed to practice their zealous faith in public.


Followers of a twice-forbidden goddess, the Heretics are the disciples and descendants of those drow forced out of the City Above centuries ago for their faith. Having turned their back on the changeable moon above, they worship the Moon Beneath – a glorious and fecund mistress who offers great miracles and blessings to the faithful. Unlike the one in the sky, you can walk to the Moon Beneath and receive its scintillating wisdom – if you are strong of faith.


The Heretic’s core ability is a classic one when it comes to clerics – they can hold a ceremony once per delve to remove Blood and Mind stress from their allies. We see the Temple of the Moon Beneath as a crucial organisation in the Heart who provide succour and guidance to hundreds of pilgrims every year, and to get across the fact that even if player characters aren’t ordained priests, they can still take part in the community-building and restorative aspects of organised faith.


Channelling the power of the gods can feel a bit clean, sometimes, in roleplaying games – so we wanted to muddy the waters a little and see if we couldn’t make one of the classic dungeon-crawling classes, the cleric, a bit creepier.

So: the Heretic can speak in tongues and inflict stress on anyone who hears it, including their allies (so get ready with the wax ear plugs), or they can shift their consciousness into the realm of the supernal to see peoples’ souls through solid objects. Their most mundane power – FULL MOON SHIELD – makes them into a solid tank character, allowing them to hold their own in fights as well as lending protection to their allies. But even then, the shield they carry is covered in eyes, and it lets them see in pitch blackness.

The Heretic starts play with either a burning censer (depicted above), a double-barreled shotgun, or something called a “Relic Bludgeon.*” We picked these because they’re all over-the-top cool, which pushes them out of the traditionally passive role of a cleric and into something more active and strange.


Zenith abilities are tied to Zenith beats – the culmination of your calling’s story unlocks the most powerful abilities attached to your class, and while most of them will kill you in the process, they give you enormous power.

The Zenith abilities of the Heretic look at what happens to frail mortal bodies when you run divine power through them – they’re changed utterly. GODDESSES THREE, for example, gives you the capacity to come back to life after death twice – but the third time you die, you become an avatar of the Moon Beneath, and cause terrible destruction. MINE EYES HAVE SEEN THE GLORY makes your face impossible to look upon without causing madness and spontaneous miracles, and in Spire far above, word of your majesty reaches a special order of Paladins who will hunt you down and kill you within a month.


We really like Bloodborne.

Something about the way that it handles cosmic horror really appeals to us; it’s got a human element, and we see the unknowable through the very knowable lenses of obsession, desire and pride. Plus it’s coy about it too, and for at least half of the game it seems like it might be about werewolves rather than a big star cthulhu, so it makes for an exciting reveal.

We tried to channel some of the weird into the Lajhan abilities – the moon priests of Spire who are very much the forefathers of the Heretic – but it was tempered by the way that they had to use said abilities in a crowded city. With the Heretic, we got to let our hair down a bit and see how weird we could get.

We’ve drawn the line at silvery-grey tentacles and needle teeth as far as their abilities go, but don’t let that stop you from including all sorts of horrific “blessings” in the form of Echo fallout. The Moon Beneath is generous with her gifts.

You can back the Heart RPG, and download a Quickstart Edition of the rules, on our Kickstarter page.

*We’re not sure what a relic bludgeon is, to be honest. I imagine it as a stone plinth with wraps of cloth around it to make it easier to wield; it could be the fingerbones of a saint built into a heavy-duty reliquary, or a silver-plated statue wrenched off the front of a rival church’s lectern. Whatever it is, you can mark stress to Mind to commune with it and roll with mastery in combat, and I really like the idea of the Heretics being so mad and righteous that they rock up and hit you with bits of their own temple.

Sign up for the HEART RPG playtest now!

In two weeks’ time we’re going to release the playtest document for Heart, our next big game – and if you’d like to help shape it from the ground up, we’d love for you to be part of our alpha playtest community. (If you don’t want to read any more and just want to sign up for the playtest straight away, click here.)


Set in the Heart – the nightmare, unreal labyrinth that pulses and writhes beneath the city of Spire – Heart is a game about damnation, redemption, survival and obsession. It’s also a game about body horror, walls made of breathing meat, and exploring a possibly-malevolent parasite dimension. It’s also a game about dungeon-crawling, at the base of it; we wanted to take the classic story of descending into a dangerous underworld and see what twist we could put on it.

We’ve got amazing illustrations from Felix Miall (we’ve posted some of them here, you can’t miss ‘em) and layout from Jay Iles.

We’re going to Kickstart Heart towards the end of 2019, but before then, we want to see if we can make it really, really good.


Of course! In the playtest document alone, you can expect to find:

  • Flightless owl hives
  • Predatory libraries
  • Heretic priests of the Moon Beneath
  • Platemail made out of repurposed train parts
  • A mimetic virus that makes you build labyrinths
  • Full rules for accidentally becoming a messiah
  • The Ravening Beast, a hunting dog that hides in your thoughts


We need you to play it. Get your friends together, make some characters, and play out a few games using the rules in the PDF. We’ll have some questionnaires for you to fill out, talk about how the game felt, ask you what you liked and disliked, and so on.  We’ll need you to actually play it – we want to see how it performs in practice.

We’ve tried to make Heart as easy as possible to run, and made it so that a GM and players can sit down with very little planning and improvise a session on the fly. (However, if you want to draw out your own mad undercity and expose your players to it, you’re welcome to spend as much time as you want to prepare for a session.)


The document will feature full rules for running games of Heart – the core systems at play, but also mechanics for exploring and mapping the undercity, making and reinforcing connections between landmarks, and developing relationships with the people you meet down there. We also have five of the (planned) nine classes, and five callings – reasons that you’ve chosen to explore the shifting, dangerous world of the Heart.

Finally, there are some details on the world of Heart – landmarks, havens, incidental details, non-player characters, and adversaries – and a scenario to run through, if you wish. It’s not representative of the final product, but it’s enough to be going on with for our purposes.

There will also be links to an exclusive Discord community for early discussion of the game, as well as at least one feedback form we’ll ask you to complete to help us improve the game.


Heart uses a modified version of the Resistance system that we created for Spire. Some of the skills and resistances you’ll recognise – we still have a Blood resistance to measure how hurt you are, and a Sneak skill to go unnoticed. Others are new and designed to tell stories unique to exploring a body-warping magical city – Echo resistance shows how much the Heart has changed you, for example, and Supplies resistance shows how much spireblack your lantern has to burn before it sputters out and leaves you in pitch darkness.

We’ve streamlined down some of the systems from Spire, making them (hopefully) easier to use on the fly.

We’ve focused on making fallout smoother to use in play and, with the addition of Critical fallout, used it to give your character a descending arc as misfortune and pain are poured upon them. We’ve added a little more complexity to the combat system, because there’s more of it in Heart, but not a great deal (and we aren’t using tactical maps or anything like that).

The systems will be instantly recognisable to anyone who’s played Spire, and we hope you enjoy the tweaks we’ve made.


It’s not – it’s completely standalone. However, we will continue to support the Spire line – we’re in the process of writing our next supplement right now and will continue, if demand stays high, to release a new major sourcebook on a yearly basis.


Fill out the form below and, once it’s all ready to go, we’ll send you a download link to the PDF documentation.


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Hello! We’re happy to announce that, as the Kickstarter for Strata is now fully wrapped up (and those of you who backed it should receive your books very soon) we’ve got a load of new products on sale in our online store. Here’s what you can get (in print and PDF):

STRATA. A full-length sourcebook for Spire (it’s actually slightly longer than the core book) with new classes, extra advances, ten scenarios and a load of information on the richest and poorest districts of the city. If you’re late to the party, you can get Spire and Strata together at a discount through our bundle deal.

Spiral Muse Image

THE SPIRAL MUSE. A 12-page in-character newspaper designed for use with the scenarios in Strata – it’s absolutely dripping with hooks and leads to drag the players into the GM’s devilish schemes. Written and designed by Tim Wilkinson Lewis, who created the Spire and Underspire maps, this newspaper has the same obsessive level of detail and black humour that you’ve come to expect from his work. If you get Strata and The Spiral Muse at the same time, we’ll give you a little discount because we’re nice like that.

Book of Masks cover image

BOOK OF MASKS. Twenty fashionable, innovative and practical masks – complete with full-colour illustrations of all of them, and rules for using them in your games. Written by master masktress Lysk Thin-Hands-Scratching of the Amaranth district.

SPIRE SCENARIOS – IN PRINT! Blood and Dust, Eidolon Sky and Kings of Silver are now all available in physical form for the frankly absurd price of £4 a pop. They each come complete with pre-generated characters, so it’s never been easier to get started with Spire.

BLACK MAGIC – IN PRINT! Replace your organs with wax copies made by bees! Retch up a black-eyed, needle-toothed child that wants to hurt you – every night when you fall asleep! Make curry goat so good it brings the dead back to life! Make unspeakable pacts with unknowable creatures housed in unstable and dangerous machinery! All this and more awaits you in Black Magic, now available in print for the first time ever.

a range of beautiful art prints

ART PRINTS! Adrian Stone’s art has defined Spire. If you’d like it to define the wall of your lounge, bedroom, office or bathroom, why not pick up a print of your favourite piece? We’ve updated the store with the new illustrations from Strata, and installed a fancy new plugin that makes browsing the available prints a pleasurable, rather than frustrating, experience.

ROYAL BLOOD – IN PRINT! Nothing to do with Spire – this is a standalone game set in the modern day where players take on the roles of the Queens, Pages and Princesses of the tarot and attempt to overthrow the major arcana in a single night’s heisting. Played using a deck of tarot cards, this game has been laid out and illustrated by the fantastic Banana Chan – it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s available in print right now!

ONE PAGE RPG COLLECTION YEAR TWO – IN PRINT! Following on from the first 13 one-page games (and their back pages) we’ve stuck another 13 together to make a second volume. These come with their exclusive, never-released-online back pages – extra hacks, content, and on occasion entirely separate games. At present we’re still getting these printed, so you’ll be able to back-order them and we’ll send them out when they’re with the distributor – should be within a fortnight of this blog post.

ALSO ALSO you can get discounted bundles of EVERYTHING, the WHOLE SPIRE RANGE, in print and PDF. An excellent present for someone you like very much, or at least someone who you would very much like to run Spire for you.

Right. Phew! That’s a lot of stuff. Please buy it.

Much love,


Strata pre-orders are live, and also here

STRATA is the first full-length, hard-cover sourcebook for the Spire RPG – and it’s coming out in April 2019.

The book contains two new classes (the pulp fiction occultist Inksmith and the identity-stealing Shadow Agent), a bunch of new extra advances, background information on the richest and poorest districts of Spire, and ten (10) scenarios designed to help you tell evocative and interesting stories in the mile-high cursed city.

If you’re interested in picking up a copy, you can pre-order one from our Backerkit store here. (You can also buy hard copies of all of our existing Spire sourcebooks, such as Black Magic, or get in-character newspapers with plot hooks for all the scenarios for Strata, too.)

Strata Kickstarter goes live Tuesday 16th October

We’re excited to announce that the Kickstarter for Strata, our first full-length sourcebook for the Spire RPG, will launch on Tuesday 16th October. Follow us on Kickstarter to stay up-date.

Strata will include, but is definitely not limited to:

  • Two new classes: the Inksmith, who is a pulp-fiction two-fisted literature occultist, and the Shadow Agent, who has given themselves up to the Hidden Mistress in exchange for the ability to mystically transform themselves into cover identities.
  • Five scenarios written by exciting authors: these range from a one-shot where the cell liberate the victims of artistic beautification surgery to a full campaign frame that sees the doomed drow house of Starys return to try and reclaim Spire.
  • Advances for playing a character from each of the nine noble families of the drow.
  • A huge amount of setting inspiration and details for the richest and poorest places in Spire: the glittering perversity of Amaranth, the folk tales of shadowed Derelictus, the warring factions of Ivory Row, drug-dealing speakeasies in the Works, and more besides.

What’s more, backers will be able to pledge at a higher level to be part of the book itself – suitably Spire-ified, of course.  Want to become a patron of the revolution, or set up your own organisation – complete with a set of advances that members can access? That’s a thing you can do.

We’re really excited to make this happen. See you on Tuesday!

Resistance Toolbox: now available!

All the best indie systems have a creative commons rules-set that you can use to write your own games, so we figured ours should too. To that end, we’re proud to announce that the Resistance System – the rules that power Spire – are now available to download for free from our shop.

We’re calling it a “toolbox” rather than a full system reference document (or “SRD”) because this isn’t a plug-and-play system; when using it, you’ll need to define your own skills, domains and resistances – as well as the abilities that characters can use to help influence the world. There’s a bit of work involved, but we think the rules have the potential to make some really interesting games.

Download the Resistance Toolbox for free here. Oh, and just because it bears repeating, we’ve got a Kickstarter for Strata, our Spire sourcebook, coming up next month. Take a look at the exciting stuff in that here.


STRATA – Kickstarting in early October – will be the first hard-copy sourcebook for Spire, our game of fantasy-punk insurrection, and we’re really excited to tell you about what’s inside. Namely, a bunch of brilliant scenarios from nine different writers, and two new classes!


For the first time, we’ve brought in new writers – some seasoned RPG creators and some completely new voices – to play in the Spire universe..

We have five adventures, or campaign frames, included in the book at funding:

  • Christine Beard (Beast: the Primordial, Seventh Sea, Changeling the Dreaming 20th anniversary) writes Eye of the Beholder, where the cell attempt to rescue drow used as canvases for a cruel aelfir’s surgical arts.
  • Pauline Chan writes Lines in the Dirt, which sees a downtrodden and under-funded cell in Derelictus get evicted from their tenement apartment block, and fight to keep it.
  • Chris Farnell (Dirty Work, Mark II, Legacy: Life Amongst the Ruins) writes Dark Harvest, where the player cell are bundled off into a suspiciously idyllic community deep in the Garden district after a mission goes disastrously wrong.
  • Laurence Phillips (Primal Pathways) writes The Forgotten, where disabled and marginalised drow are caught between the machinations of the ministry and the brutality of the aelfir after the untimely death of their protector.
  • Chris and Grant, who you know, are writing Better the Devil which deals with the arrival of the powerful and damned drow lineage of Starys to Spire, and their attempts to take over the city.

We also have five scenarios lined up as stretch goals:

  • Helen Gould (Cthulhu Dark, Fear’s Sharp Little Needles) writes Home is Where the Hatred Is, which is essentially Downton Abbey except all the staff are revolutionary drow and all the posh people are undead high elves.
  • Ben Brock writes Ironshrike, in which the cell are tasked with killing a marketplace and also working out just what that entails.
  • Coman Fullard writes The Sulphurous Press, in which the cell are given control of a news-sheet and use it to spread revolution through the city.
  • Kira Magrann (A Cozy Den, Resistor, The Veil, The Sprawl, Dialect) writes Glasshelm, in which a cadre of rebels attempts to destabilise Spire’s banking system.
  • Xalavier Nelson (PC Gamer, “Screw You Bear Dad!” and MCV rising star) writes Bisquiet, which focuses on the unique art of overthrowing the government via precise application of gourmet baked goods.

All of our unlocked stretch goals will be included in every copy of the book – there’s no additional tier required to get them, and they won’t be released as PDFs only.


As well as plenty of extra advances – additional ability sets that any character can use – we’ve produced something special: two brand new classes to flesh out your Spire games and give you new ways to affect the city.

The first is the Inksmith:

“Ever since humans brought the printing press to Spire, the ability to control and channel the zeitgeist has never been easier; you know the occult power of pulp fiction, channel the magic of sensationalist journalism, and wear narratives like a cloak. You ride the razor’s edge between truth and fiction. As a writer, you’re not bad; as a magician, you’re top-notch.”

They’re pulp fiction con artists running a scam against reality, and they’re always in search of a good story. They have spells such as: A MAN WITH A GUN, that summons someone holding a gun into the room they’re currently standing in; STAR-CROSSED LOVERS, that makes two NPCs fall in love; and COMMON FEARS, which lets them access what a community’s scared of and use it against them in their writing – or otherwise.

The second is the Shadow Agent; they’ve devoted their lives utterly to Our Hidden Mistress, drow goddess of grace and revenge. As they grow in power, in addition to canticles and prayers to their patron, they gain the ability to own and maintain more and more covers – false identities that they can slip into and out of as they please.

At first, they’ll have a couple of tricks and a fake ID; at higher levels, they can animate their covers to act independently, summon choking shadows over the mouths of their enemies, or sacrifice their precious other selves on an altar to their goddess to gain her favour.


So far, we’ve written about 40,000 words of setting information, supplemental rules, weapons, abilities, bonds and weirdnesses that you can find in the richest and poorest parts of Spire; as ever, we don’t want to talk about what happened in the past, but instead about what might happen tomorrow. Spire is a changing, dangerous, exciting place, and we want to give you what you need to put your players right in the centre of it and let them try to take control.

That’s it for now. If you’d like to stay up-to-date with the campaign, you can follow Grant on Kickstarter herefollow our Twitter account here, and sign up to our mailing list here.

– Chris, Grant and Mary

Strata: Kickstarting in October!


Since we released Spire, we’ve been so excited to see what the community has done with it We’ve heard so many stories of brilliant games of rebellion and intrigue set in the world we created, and now we want to createmore of it. So, we’re even more excited to announce that the kickstarter for our first hard-copy sourcebook, Strata, will launch in early October.


Hopefully, it’s more of what you like about Spire – more weirdness, more story hooks, more rules, and more words about a place that’s on the brink of revolution and waiting for the players to push it over the edge.

We’re focusing on the richest and poorest places in Spire. In the same way that our Black Magic PDF sourcebook focused on the Occult domain, Strata will be based around the High Society and Low Society domains. But it’ll be much more comprehensive book, stuffed with adventure frames and campaigns as well as details of the world itself.

We’re going to be releasing Strata as a high-quality book, using the same printers as the core Spire book, with all-new artwork by Spire artist Adrian Stone. We’re also hoping to release a newspaper, designed by Tim Wilkinson Lewis, that will act as an accompaniment and play aid for all the scenarios in Strata – and add some more secrets to the world in the process. You’ll hear lots more on this as the campaign goes on.


This is by no means an exhaustive list, but just from flicking through the document you can expect to find:

  • New advances for Idols based on their artistic school in the Sunlight Collective
  • Rules for possession-junkie ghost-gangs that stalk ruined mansions
  • A song-bow that plucks out your last breath as you die and turns it into music
  • A list of famous heists in the Silver Quarter, including this one time when someone stole the casino they were gambling in
  • Rules for giving your body to the Spire and being rewarded with beautiful flowers blossoming out of your skin
  • Music made by re-purposed industrial machines played to underground speakeasies
  • The child-gangs of Derelictus and their patchwork miracles, passed down in games and songs
  • A knife that loves you and wants you to be safe
  • The guild of ladder-men and the council of stairs, angry that unlicensed ropers are making climbing routes through their turf
  • Aelfir blinding parties
  • And much, much more


We’re really excited to be working with several other writers to bring our world to life. In addition to a full campaign frame written by the original authors, Strata will include up to nine scenarios written by other people who range from established industry professionals to new talent with promise and a knack for words. (Exactly how many we’ll publish is reliant on stretch goals.)

We can’t wait to see what they bring to Spire.


We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to write in Spire again, and commission some awesome people to create stuff alongside us. If you’d like to stay up-to-date with the campaign, you can follow Grant on Kickstarter here to receive an update when we launch, or subscribe to our mailing list here.

Grant, Chris and Mary