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  • Heart map and sticker pack with smoke and red lighting © SHAW STUDIO

    Heart Map and Sticker set

    Fold-out maps and stickers to make your own City Beneath.

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  • Eat The Reich PDF front cover

    Eat the Reich Character Sheets and Map Print

    Beautifully printed sheets you can scribble all over and not ruin your book

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  • Spire GM Screen for the Conspiracy kit against cinder blocks with smoke © SHAW STUDIO

    Spire GM Screen

    A beautiful GM screen for your Spire campaign.

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  • All five patches

    Eat the Reich Cloth Patches

    Slap one on your bag, jacket or sofa and declare your intention to consume fascists to all who witness it

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  • Golden Sea Deluxe map

    Chart your way through the Golden Sea with this beautiful illustrated map template, and make a relic of your game.

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  • "Loose lips stake hearts" FANG challenge coin

    F.A.N.G Challenge Coin

    Reserved for undead operatives that have survived at least one coffin-drop into enemy territory. Or you, if you buy one. We won't tell anyone you're not actually a vampire.

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  • Legacy 2e handout sheets

    Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition Handout Sheets

    Bring your game of post-apocalyptic survival straight to the table with this pack of 56 dry-erase cards.

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  • Inside view of DIE RPG resin dice surrounded by green foliage and smoke ©SHAW STUDIO

    DIE resin dice

    A set of custom-printed dice for use with DIE RPG.

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  • Back view of DIE RPG GM screen surrounded by green foliage ©SHAW STUDIO

    DIE GM screen

    A Master has secrets - schemes within schemes - bluffs and counter-bluffs - and probably a lot of scribbled down half-formed ideas that read "SEXY GOBLIN?" and things like that.

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