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A set of custom-printed dice for use with DIE RPG.

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DIE RPG is a game about dice.

(It’s about a lot more than dice, actually – heartbreak, trauma, emotional transformation and Dungeons & Dragons, as well. But dice are pretty  high up there.)

If you want a beautiful set of themed dice to delight your players with, you can pick up a set of our official DIE RPG dice here. The Dictator’s D4, the Fool’s D6, the Emotion Knight’s D8, the Neo’s D10, the Godbinder’s D12 and the Master’s D20 are all present, as you’d expect. These custom dice come in Proper Die Red, and have the iconic die net image instead of the highest value etched into every one. They come in a neat presentation box that you can whip open in front of your players before ceremonially removing the dice and handing them out to set the mood, and they are guaranteed* 20% luckier than any other dice on the market.

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1 review for DIE resin dice

  1. tylersmith92 (verified owner)

    UPDATE: I changed this review to 5 stars for amazing customer support; after being contacted by Rowan, Rook, and Decard and they have offered to send me a box without a sticker on it, only a couple of days after my original review went up. I highly recommend the product and the company. My original review is below:

    The dice are really good, they look amazing. The two things I was surprised by and why I say its 3 out of 5 stars is the colours (which surprised me but ultimately I’m not disappointed by) and the product sticker on the box.

    1. The colour: I guess when I ordered them and when I received the product (in Canada so was like $10 extra after shipping and currency conversion so about $30 CAD for me) I assumed they would be red all the way through but when I looked up the product picture they do indeed have swirls of black in them as well, the problem is that the swirls are not exactly uniform and just make some of the dice (specifically my D8) look like it just has a bunch of black fingerprints on it. I can deal with that but that isn’t my biggest gripe. Just something to be aware of because if you’re like me, you’ll see it as it’s a completely red crimson dice with black numbering.

    2. The product sticker on the box: the box is simply paper and cardboard, it’s got a great feel although not super heavy which is fine. It feels decent as a cool way to present them to my players. The issue is the barcode sticker that is placed on it has that kind of sticky residue that not only left a sticky patch of glue on the bottom of the box, it tore away part of the paper/cardboard on the box, leaving a really ugly ripped section. I know it’s there but I do recommend that people be aware of this and super carefully remove that sticker, it takes up a good chunk of the bottom of the box so remove it slowly.

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