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The Fair are the mysterious elfin technomagic benefactors (patrons? tormentors?) of the Neo, a class that uses illicit Fair Gold to power their curious cybernetic upgrades. As Fair Gold disappears at sunrise, Neos are forced into lives of cunning schemes, desperate gambits and (occasionally) plain, unadorned theft to get their daily fix.

We wanted to make your Neos as easy as possible to lead into temptation, so we commissioned these exclusive Fair Gold coins that you can use at your table. Each of the six coins is satisfyingly heavy (we had their weight doubled after the first prototype, so they’d feel twice as valuable!), covered in an antique gold-style finish, and has heads and tails (more accurately 1 and 0) engravings designed by DIE creator Stephanie Hans.

Do you need them? No. You can just write down how much gold the Neo has. But you want them? Absolutely!

Quarter included for scale. This product does not include any actual real-world currency. Please provide your own quarter if needed


They also come in a neat little pouch so you can jingle them about to underscore a point in the manner of an avaricious 14th-century nobleman. Or just keep them all in one place when you’re not using them.


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