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DIE RPG Scenarios Vol 1: Bizarre Love Triangles

Undergo wild changes and endure novel dangers in this sourcebook for DIE RPG.

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Softcover and PDF $19.00
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PDF $9.50

Die Scenarios Volume 1: Bizarre Love Triangles is the first in a series of softback DIE RPG sourcebooks. They’re just like the What If? comic book series, where familiar characters undergo wild changes and endure novel dangers. In each one, original author Kieron Gillen returns with two other games designers to explore new ways to play DIE RPG – new mechanics, new setups, new worlds to explore and new social trauma to overcome.

What's in the Book?

In Volume 1, Kieron Gillen teams up with UK indie darlings Laurie O’Connel and Nathan Blades and brings you three weird takes on a familiar formula:

BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLES: A DIE EX CRAWL: Frustrated by their players’ constant whingeing about failed relationships and lost loves, the Master throws them into their worst nightmare – a fantasy kingdom populated entirely by ex-lovers with (literal) axes to grind.

WHERE THE VILE THINGS ARE: Luckless teenagers trapped at a summer camp where isolation, deprivation and cruelty are the order of the day escape into a fantasy kingdom by playing a strange game throughout the long night.

I GO INFINITE: Mugen Clash is the world’s greatest collectible card game – and you’ve just been drawn into the strange world depicted in the cards. Grab a hand of cards from any CCG or TCG you own and use them to succeed with cunning, strategy and paper-thin narrative conveniences improvised on the fly.

You will need a copy of DIE RPG core rules to use this supplement.


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