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DIE RPG Scenarios Vol 2: Love is a Battlefield

This item will be released on or before September 16, 2024.

Experience an unexpected take on wargames in this sourcebook for DIE RPG.

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Die Scenarios Volume 2 is the second in a series of softback DIE RPG sourcebooks. They’re just like the What If? comic book series, where familiar characters undergo wild changes and endure novel dangers. In each one, original author Kieron Gillen returns with two other games designers to explore new ways to play DIE RPG – new mechanics, new setups, new worlds to explore and new social trauma to overcome.

What's in the Book?

In DIE Scenarios Volume 2: LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD, Kieron Gillen returns to bloody his knuckles on the subject of wargames. But not in the way you’d expect, obviously.

LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD (Kieron Gillen) is a one-on-one variant of DIE where you, a couple struggling to make it work after years of not really connecting, play a strange conflict resolution wargame in lieu of attending proper therapy. As the wargame drags you and your lover into the realm of Die, you must work out what you’re willing to destroy to save your relationship. Includes tense gunfights in the lighting section of IKEA and a long-standing border war over whose turn it is to do the dishes.

POWERSWORD PURGATORY (Zedeck Siew) is a love letter to that most British of gaming pastimes – Warhammer 40,000 – but we’ve filed off all the serial numbers and resprayed the Space Marines so no-one will be the wiser. Journey through a strangely familiar universe in search of the Master and answer the question that’s been on your mind for years: sure, the far future looks both grim AND dark, but is it any worse than the exhausting grind of real life?

SUNDAY NIGHT WARFARE (Basheer Ghouse) explores the disconnect between the grand fiction of wargames and the loss of a few little plastic men fighting over a shipping container. As the players lead their forces to victory or defeat in a strange otherworld, can they come to terms with the fact that their armies of toy soldiers are suddenly real people with dreams, desires and fears?

You will need a copy of DIE RPG core rules to use this supplement.


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