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Worldfall is an alternate setting for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition focusing on the early years of a new space colony.

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You’ve landed in paradise. What will you make of it?

Humanity at last stakes a claim among the stars. But building a colony on a strange new world is about more than mere survival. To thrive, you’ll need to balance the demands of competing political factions, each vying to leave their mark on humanity’s new home.

The Gasoline Fire

Worldfall is an alternate setting for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition written by Katherine Cross and illustrated by Claudia Cangini and Tithi Luadthong, focusing on the political, logistical and environmental challenges of forming a colony on a new world. Form strategic alliances that produce wild new ideologies.

Work towards a constitutional convention that sets a tone for life on the new world. Reach for more distant horizons, and at last return to the stars.




Key Features:

  • Build a new society and history with 7 Cabal playbooks and 7 Character playbooks. Take control of The Officer Class, The Scum of the Universe, The Priestex, The Gasoline Fire and more!
  • Alliance and Reputation rules to guide you through tense political sagas.
  • A new Wonder: the Constitutional Congress governs the rights, responsibilities and restrictions on your new society.


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