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Adventure Presents… Tartarus Gate

Written by Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor and published by Rebellion (2000AD, Judge Dredd) Tartarus Gate is a new experiment in roleplaying games – a full system, setting, pre-generated characters and adventure contained within a comic book-sized publication.

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You’re an unpaid intern aboard the Obol Corporation’s interstellar cargo ship Charon. Most of the time, you’re kept in cold storage and awoken only to solve maintenance problems that the automatic systems can’t handle – but now you’ve all been woken up at once, and the ship’s AI sounds confused about what’s going on.  It’s imperative that you keep the ship moving smoothly towards Tartarus Gate (your future employment prospects depend on it) but with tormented digital ghosts possessing the bodies of other passengers and the intrusion of murderous dreamscapes undermining the stability of the lower levels, you’ve really got your work cut out for you.

Tartarus Gate’s setting is science fiction comedy horror with one foot firmly placed in the present. Player characters trapped on the murder-ship include a 23 year-old veteran of the Corporate Wars, a Company Serf who brought their own mop from home, a part-time cop who got review-bombed by someone they arrested,  a data miner who steals hard drives out of the ruins of a collapsed lunar server farm, and a graphic designer who was transferred here by a disinterested Orbital Jobcentre.

The game is powered by the Adventure! system which has a focus on adaptability and ease of use, allowing the GM to quickly make calls on the fly to adjudicate situations and for players to easily understand their characters’ capabilities and keep track of their available resources. The rules have been developed to work perfectly for 3 to 4-session campaigns – just like Tartarus Gate.

What's in the book?

Tartarus Gate includes:

  • A twenty-four page fully illustrated adventure booklet.
  • A separate pull-out section of supporting characters and antagonists for the GM.
  • Six character sheets with pre-generated characters and relevant handouts.
  • A four-page rules sheet containing the complete rules to the game.
  • Duplicate copies of various map handouts.

You’ll also have access to digital copies of all of the materials provided, allowing you to play online with ease.

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