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Codex of the Deep Spire: a Spire sourcebook

A PDF selection of dark secrets and dangerous oddities for Spire.



Penned by the mind behind DREAD SINGLES – Jordan Shiveley – with rules by Grant Howitt and illustrations by Alexander Mitchell, Codex of the Deep Spire is a collection of micro-fiction, weirdness, curiosities and mysteries that baffle the greatest minds of Spire.

What's in the book?

  • The Katakos Delver extra advance, which allows characters to summon machines made of Spirestuff to act out their commands
  • The Maiden of the Mother of Shadows extra advance, offering the chance to replace your innards with liquid darkness and commit atrocities on behalf of the Mother
  • The Dust Wardens, who have more souls than is recommended
  • The skin-singers, who animate vengeful husks and send them after their enemies
  • The Conclave of Khaats, which is very useful if you felt your game of Spire didn’t have enough hyper-intelligent talking cats in it
  • And loads of snippets of fiction designed to lead your party down dark, distressing paths

You’ll need access to the Spire RPG to use the rules in Codex of the Deep Spire.

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