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Everything DIE: the RPG bundle

All the DIE RPG products in one lovely bundle

DIE: The Roleplaying Game

DIE: The Roleplaying Game

You’re trapped in a fantasy world stitched together from your obsessions, dreams and nightmares. What will you do to get home safe? What will you do to stay here forever?

DIE RPG front cover on a mossy rock surrounded by foliage and green lighting © SHAW STUDIO
Hardcover 49.55
DIE RPG deluxe edition and slipcase on a mossy rock surrounded by foliage and green lighting © SHAW STUDIO
Deluxe with slipcase 88.09

DIE GM screen

DIE resin dice

11.59 10.43 Save 1.16

If you want absolutely everything we offer that’s related to the DIE RPG, you can pick it up here at a neat little discount. This bundle includes:

  • The DIE RPG hardcover by Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans, a beautiful tabletop roleplaying game about trauma, closure, growing up, and killing goblins with magical swords. Choose between standard and sexy, slipcase deluxe edition, while stocks last!
  • A complimentary PDF edition of the game to read on your computer when you’re supposed to be doing work
  • A complete set of custom-printed red resin DIE dice that you can hand out according to the rituals outlined in the book
  • The DIE RPG GM screen, that you can hide and scheme behind


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