Honey Heist

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Honey Heist is a game in which you have two stats: CRIMINAL and BEAR. Download the PDF here.


Honey Heist is a game in which you have two stats: CRIMINAL and BEAR.

2 reviews for Honey Heist

  1. Joe

    I just GM’d Honey Heist w/ the wife and young kids. We had a blast! Everyone played to their tropes and had a lot of laughs. They’re already planning their next heist; they want to rob a costume shop tomorrow night. Thanks for the games!

  2. PAnnKAke

    This heist was a lot of fun. The simple “bears with hats” image is enough to set this game apart from others. The heist is easy to GM and the bear/criminal stat system is unique, well thought out, and really hilarious. One thing I would change is that the abilities change on a 1 for the roll or if the bear succeeds on a VERY bear or criminal action. (Ex. Mauling someone or cracking a safe)

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