Jason Statham’s Big Vacation

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It’s his holidays, and wouldn’t you know it, he’s in trouble! Help him out, won’t you?


Can YOU make sure international superstar Jason Statham has a nice holiday, despite the efforts of the WESLEY SNIPER?  Will he end up bored, arrested, sad or dead? Find out in JASON STATHAM’S BIG VACATION.

1 review for Jason Statham’s Big Vacation

  1. Tessa

    Had great fun with this one! Jason was on holiday in Thailand (chosen by the players before they knew he was going snorkelling and to a temple, perfect!), where they escaped corrupt police in a tuk tuk, caged bears, a grim reaper and suspicious machines.

    I created two extra character classes:
    Driver- Transportation 8, Pub singer 7, Unrecognised medical qualifications 5
    Personal Assistant- Creative accounting 9, Computer skills 7, Animal lover 5

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