Kings of Silver: A Spire Adventure

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Given a run-down gambling hall and a sheaf of newspaper clippings, a ministry cell are tasked with a single objective – take control of the Silver Quarter.

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Kings of Silver is a campaign frame – a way to set up a series of linked games of Spire using the same characters – set in Spire’s Silver Quarter.

Kings of Silver newspaper clippings

Kings of Silver starts with a sheaf of newspaper clippings cut from magazines and newspapers distributed throughout the city.  (We’ve included all 10 as stand-alone images, too, for ease of printing.) The cell are instructed to use the clippings as a starting point to investigate three power-players in the glittering Silver Quarter:

  • Hestra Wander-the-Lost, scandalous media sensation, master seductress and sister to the morose warrior-poet on the city council with the same surname
  • Lay-Deacon Strides-Out-Harmonious, a wealthy devotee to Father Summer, who has been building heavily-defended temple-casinos throughout the district, and
  • Loq Walks-On-Light, enigmatic ex-military playboy who boasts an increasingly large entourage and some strange philosophies

From there, we adopt a hands-off approach to adventure design. Each of the three main NPCs (and a few other important people) are given full breakdowns and a series of suggested scenes that the GM can weave into the story, and we’ve taken a guess at a few finales that might happen, but we can’t be sure how it will end.


Kings of Silver also boasts several pages of random tables designed to evoke the atmosphere of the gaudiest district in Spire – festivals, noble families, street furniture, whatever the gangsters who run the place are doing, and whatever the city guard are doing to keep things ticking over – six pre-generated characters with Silver-Quarter-ready backstories, and a full list of employees for The Manticore gambling house which the player cell has received as a cover identity.

We’re really keen for you to hit the ground running with Spire – and we’re really excited to share Kings of Silver with you, to make playing as easy and as fun as possible.

1 review for Kings of Silver: A Spire Adventure

  1. Wil

    (DISCLAIMER: I was involved in playtesting Kings of Silver, and have not been compensated for either this or the review)

    Kings of Silver is without question the best pre-written adventure I’ve ever had the pleasure of participating in.

    With a wide variety of character archetypes and a frankly baffling degree of scope for a starting party to get involved in the interwoven conspiracies, schemes and political manoeuvring of the Silver Quarter. Our knight produced a “murder-board” of major players, interconnected alliances and potential weak spots, letting us begin to work at a variety of obvious weak spots.

    The non-player characters as presented are a shower of unsympathetic bastards, beautiful sympathetic bastards, and cold, patronising bastards. I’ve never before felt so reliably like a party actually has the full range of opportunity of a city, rather than a few points of interest and cardboard set-dressing.

    If you enjoyed reading the Spire rulebook, and you don’t know where to start planning a campaign, start with Kings of Silver and watch as your players do the work for you.

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