Spire and Underspire maps and prints


High-res, absurdly detailed maps of Spire and Underspire by Tim Wilkinson Lewis.


Select options $3.60$30.00
Select options $3.60$30.00


These maps by Tim Wilkinson Lewis show Spire in all its glory – both the above-ground and below-ground sections of it, on different pages. The maps are packed with tiny details, campaign hooks and in-character advertisements for Spire-themed products.

Available in digital and physical formats, these black and white maps depict the city above-ground and below, with Vermissian stations and lines, famous and important buildings, landmarks of natural and other origins, and dozens of other details. They feature abundant plot hooks for use in campaigns, and also make excellent decorations.

Please click through to the pages below to choose either digital download or physical A2 art print. All art prints come with the digital files included.


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