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DISCONTINUED: Unbound: Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk is an add-on for the Unbound system by Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor. Download the PDF here.

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This product has been discontinued as it is now part of the new Unbound PDF. Please click here for the second edition of Unbound. 

Come in hot on the bank’s ICE and run countermeasures, dropping unconscious in the middle of the gunfight as you hack your way in backed up by the minds of dead men; your street samurai bodyguard lays down covering fire from their Makaira-T11 autopistol, rounds of 10mm caseless thudding into the side of the van these rentacop chumps showed up in thirty seconds previous; you’re pinned down by drone fire, more police inbound on personal flight units carrying riotguns, but – like an avenging angel – your joygirl is here, Jackie Firecracker, fresh off the murderpop TV circuit, and she’s bringing all the firepower her sponsor can lend to bear.

This is cyberpunk.

Cyberpunk is a genre pack for the Unbound system by Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor. It includes one core (The Crew), two traits (Flatline Hacker and Sponsorship Deal) and and an adversary hierarchy (the Zaibatsu).

Please note: you’ll need the core Unbound rules to play this.


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