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Vermissian Black Ops: A Heart Sourcebook

Engage in desperate high-stakes combat against the Spiral Council in this sourcebook for the Heart RPG.

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Vermissian Black Ops cover
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Vermissian Black Ops cover
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From the depths of the cursed mass transit network known as the Vermissian, the Ministry of Our Hidden Mistress wages a shadow war against their cruel high elf overlords.

You are part of the Throne Division: cells of black ops paramilitary assets drawn from the people of the Heart. You undertake vital missions in support of the Ministry’s cause, using the miles of twisting tunnels to move secretly through the city.

What's in the book?

This sourcebook for the Heart RPG contains expanded and alternative rules for sending your undercity delvers on dangerous missions for the dark elf revolutionary front.

You’ll also find information on the factions that make the Vermissian their home, details on Throne Division equipment, a guide to building operations and a line-by-line breakdown of the network.

A copy of Heart: The City Beneath is required to use this book.

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