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  • Heartswood

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    Heart map and sticker pack external view with smoke and red lighting © SHAW STUDIO

    Heart scenarios and sourcebooks bundle

    All the sourcebooks and scenarios we've made for Heart, all wrapped up in one disquieting package.

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    Everything Resistance PDF bundle

    Digital copies of everything we've made for Heart and Spire.

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  • Kill or Cure: Voidheart Symphony Quickstart

    Investigate the darkness within the MacGregor Clinic and heal your city in Kill or Cure, the free Quickstart for Voidheart Symphony.

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  • The Streets of Karazun

    Embark on the greatest and deadliest adventure of your life upon the cut-throat Streets of Karazun!

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  • Uncanny Rally

    It's simple enough: perform minimum-wage jobs to earn money to spend on gas. The only problem is that your arm keeps turning into a big gun

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  • Death was the Only Road Out of Town

    This city is rotten to the core.
    (This city does not exist.)
    You can't remember the last time it wasn't raining for the last day you spent sober.
    (You are asleep.)

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  • Eat The Reich PDF front cover

    Eat the Reich Character Sheets and Map Print

    Beautifully printed sheets you can scribble all over and not ruin your book

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    Are YOU a bad enough dude to illegally import seven rare breed criminal parrots on a redeye passenger flight?

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  • DIE RPG front cover on a mossy rock surrounded by foliage and green lighting © SHAW STUDIO

    DIE: The Roleplaying Game

    You’re trapped in a fantasy world stitched together from your obsessions, dreams and nightmares. What will you do to get home safe? What will you do to stay here forever?

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    Harvest tribute for your giant fiance from an unassuming village in the south of modern-day England.

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    Spire & Heart: Destera core PDFs bundle

    Buy Spire and Heart PDFs as a bundle for a reduced price.

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  • Malign Inspiration

    A game you may already be playing and which you cannot opt out of.

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  • The Rules of the Deep

    Beauty and death lay in wait far beneath the earth.

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