Spire (in Italian) is out now!

Posted on July 13, 2020 in News, Project Updates

Want to overthrow a corrupt and cruel colonialist government? Want to do it in Italian? Have we (and Isola Illyon Edizioni) got the product for you!

You can pick up the Italian Edition of Spire from Isola Illyon’s website here (or if you just want the PDF, you can get that too). You’re also able to pick up PDFs of Blood and Dust (our most popular campaign frame) and Codex of the Deep Spire (a collection of weirdnesses by Jordan Shiveley) in Italian, too.

We’re also really happy to announce that Spire is a candiate for the most important role-playing award in Italy: the Role-Playing Game of the Year, organized by the Lucca Comics & Games event. So that’s nice, isn’t it?


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