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What does this serial killer collect from their victims?

1 – FINGERNAILS. And toenails. They rip ‘em out with pliers, and fix them to their own scabby, pallid skin with staples. (The “scales” function as a kind of armour, weirdly.) 2 – THEIR LAST MEAL. Pumped straight out of the stomach. 3 – AURAS. They rip it off them in their last moments and […]

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What does this “vampire” feed on?

Header image by BenGrantham on Flickr 1 – LUCK. It absorbs good luck from people and spends it to stay alive, because the gods cursed vampires many years ago and this is the only way they can get around the hex. (Without regular luck-feeding, most vampires would be killed by a traffic accident or lightning […]