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SIN on general release

As of TODAY you can now purchase PDFs and pre-order physical copies of the Sin sourcebook, the Magister’s Guide, the Conspiracy Kit and the Spire Quickstart from THIS VERY WEBSITE. This is obviously wonderful news. If you’d like to learn more about those things then READ ON: SIN is the second full-length sourcebook for Spire: […]

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Mortician Executioner Class Breakdown

The Mortician Executioner, by Adrian Stone

Executions are illegal in Spire thanks to a law instituted over a century ago by a Legislator-Architect who found them unfashionable. However, the influential Mortician sect were able to find a loophole around the ban - declaring a person legally dead and then redressing the balance at swordpoint.

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Gutter Cleric class breakdown

The Gutter Cleric is one of the two new classes in Sin, our upcoming sourcebook for the Spire RPG, which is currently on Kickstarter. You can learn more about Sin – and maybe even secure yourself a copy – by clicking here. THE GUTTER CLERIC “Azur! Charnel! Limyé! Incarne! Merhor! Great Damnou! Uh, Brother Harvest? […]