DIE RPG: Scenarios Volume 1 pre-order cover


Posted on January 19, 2024 in News, Project Updates

The DIE RPG is, obviously, great. It’s a heartbreaking journey into guilt, trauma and pride. It’s a therapy session disguised as a fun activity to do with your friends. It’s a roleplaying game about a comic about roleplaying games about love and the nature of being. Obviously.

But what if it was really weird as well?

DIE RPG: Scenarios Volume 1 pre-order cover


DIE Scenarios is a sort of pressure release valve for Kieron Gillen where he comes up with a brand-new and probably pretty strange way of playing 2023’s greatest TTRPG – and invites two other people to do the same. 

In our first issue named BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLES, Kieron writes what he calls an “Ex-Crawl,” and that’s not just his trademark Midlands accent shearing the front off of a word: it’s an open-world adventure where all the enemies are different versions of your previous partners. It gets dark even quicker than you think. (I mean, you know: it starts dark. It gets worse from there.)

Joining him are Laurie O’Connell (who wrote Hieronymus, a game about navigating Bosch’s nightmarish paintings) and Nathan Blades (who wrote The Queer Cyberpunk’s Guide to Tabletop RPGs). Laurie’s done a fully horrible scenario where you play kids trapped in a corrective summer camp and escape into dice-powered fantasies; Nathan’s done a very clever thing called I Go Infinite which hacks DIE into a card game using whatever CCG you have to hand nearby. We’ve also got cover art from DIE creator Stephanie Hans and internal art from Riotbones (who you might not have heard of yet but they’re dead good).

Pre-orders are open now (click here to put your name down) and we won’t charge you until we go to print and get everything started. If you want more DIE, and you want to see weird and clever things from the sharpest minds in the industry, give us your money. You tastemaker. You patron of the arts.

You absolute dreamboat.

– Grant


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