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  • Sepulchre

    A cut-down, streamlined version of Spire with everything boiled down to a single page.

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  • Orc Borg front cover with smoke and metal © SHAW STUDIO


    Fight, steal, yell and party in a doomed spaceship on a collision course with heaven.

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  • The Five

    Risk corruption defending the land.

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  • This Is Not A Place Of Honour

    No highly esteemed deed is commemorated here.

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  • Sale!

    Everything Spire digital bundle

    Get downloadable PDFs of the entire Spire range at a discount when you purchase them in this bundle.

    This includes pre-orders of everything created as part of our recent Sin Kickstarter; these will ship separately once they've arrived. 

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  • The Witch House

    A grim and frankly unnecessary prequel to The Witch Is Dead.

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    Can you survive a night in the forest, even as an ancient terror is trying to hunt you down and kill you? Probably not.

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  • The Revolutionary’s Guide to Spire against white painted wood and flowers © SHAW STUDIO

    The Revolutionary’s Guide to Spire

    An in-character guide to the hippest revolutionary trends in Spire.

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    You're a time-travelling ghost, you killed Ebenezer Scrooge by mistake, and now the apocalypse is knocking at your door. Will this be the LAST CHRISTMAS?

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  • Sad Vampire Boyfriend logo

    Sad Vampire Boyfriend

    This isn't a matter of life and death: it's much more important than that.

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    ​You just woke up, and you can’t remember a thing. People are after you. You need answers, fast.​

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    Take control of clueless bystanders and exact your brutal revenge.

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  • One-Page RPGs Volume 2 front cover on a white table surrounded by dice, pencils and snacks © SHAW STUDIO

    One Year of One-Page RPGs Bundle: VOLUME 2

    13 one-page games, and 13 back pages of exclusive, not-released-online content - delivered to your door.

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    Redact reality itself to give yourself the edge over your foes.

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  • Sale!

    Spire & Heart: Destera core books bundle

    Buy Spire and Heart in hardback as a bundle for a reduced price.

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  • Reverse Beastmaster

    Take orders from horrible animals in this collaboration with Nate Crowley.

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